The Faith and Witness of George Floyd

This past week was a very hard time to digest here in America. I have been keeping up with the news concerning the sickening massacre of George Floyd by an equally sick so called “officer of the law”. First off, the video itself of the incident is extremely disturbing to watch, and honestly I have not seen the whole video, and more honestly I am completely weary of seeing the whole thing due to the content.  No human being, no matter what they did deserves to be treated so inhumanely.  Sometimes I cringe on seeing yet another incident of police brutality, hoping that each incident will be the last.  Unfortunately each one just brings out more anger and confusion in our country.  The feeling watching everything unfold on the news (which I can’t stand to watch to begin with) gets more heartbreaking the more I have to witness what is going on in America.

For this blog, however, I want to look at an area of the life of Mr. Floyd that I don’t think gets enough credit.  Christianity Today put out a fantastic article last week on the Faith aspect of George Floyd’s life. More specifically, the role that is faith in Jesus gave in the voice and the platform he used coming from inner city Houston, to wanting to reach as many people as he could for Jesus.  In accordance also, I want to use this time to not only celebrate the work he did for the people around him, but use his story as an opportunity for all believers to “bloom where we are planted” to be a witness for our Lord.

It All Started With Humility


Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.

James 4:10 (NLT)


As described in the article, Floyd, who was trained up under discipleship and outreach methods in reaching out to his community in Houston, was taught the humble bare bones approach to inner city outreach.  I see this as a lesson on how showing the ropes, especially to a new or young believer in Jesus, to have a mindset of going out to the world and reaching the lost.

In relation to his beginnings, We need to ask the Lord to seek our humility, and also to show through that same humility that the words of the Holy Spirit have the most and sincere clarity when we take the time.

I am writing this blog to celebrate the life of George Floyd because I know deep down this man loved Jesus and wanted to see everyone that was around him come to know the Lord personally through his humility and heart-filled openness to the calling of God.

The Spirit of Gentleness

Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming.

Phillipians 4:5 (NLT)

One other bit of information that moved me from the Christianity Today Article, was that it gave Mr. Floyd the description of “Gentle Giant”.  To me that is how a transformed heart for Jesus can to in a person.  Spiritual transformation occurs instantaneously when we become new creatures in Jesus. The gift of gentleness is available to every believer even in areas we can not transform ourselves. By giving these areas over to God and having him mold us into his image.


I am so looking forward to the day when I finally graduate to heaven and to be with Jesus face to face. But I know also that I will see George Floyd face to face also that day.  When that day comes, nothing that occurred on earth will matter anymore, but we will be there knowing he is a brother in the Lord and there will be no tears, no pain, just joy and happiness and the ultimate worship to our creator God.

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